3 ‘Little’ Mistakes That Cost Your Business

July 30, 2022
July 30, 2022 Gloria Adegoke

Not all startups are able to remain a success for long. Some last for a few weeks, months or even years. But in the long run, they can’t keep up and they have to shut down.

This is not because of Village People or even the government, (though the government has a role to play) but, it is because of seemingly little things that business owners tend to overlook before or moreso while running their businesses.

In order to prevent you from unknowingly sabotaging the growth and long term success of your business, here are three (3) mistakes known to cost businesses:

1. Not standing out:

There are quite a number of businesses out there offering the same service as you are. And so, consumers/customers would always have a second option. Now, if you’re doing things differently from what your competitors are doing, what’s to stop them from not buying from you? You’re Right. Nothing!

It is advisable to offer what others don’t, and this shouldn’t be at the risk of losing your business. Add juicy offers to attract customers and keep offering excellent services to keep them.

2. Not having a strategy:

If you want to ‘go with the flow,’ you will flow out of business. If you don’t know the exact things you need to do to get positive results, you will struggle.

Ensure to map out a plan that covers all aspects, ranging from registering your business, marketing, sales and cost of operation. Make sure you are clear on these, and the outcomes you hope to achieve.

3. Not having a team:

We know you like being independent, but how far can you go on your own? This is not to doubt your abilities, rather, it’s to help you cover more ground.

Find a person (or persons) to offer assistance in areas you can’t cover. Look at the strategies listed in item (2). You most probably can’t handle everything without burning out. Hence, it’s important to get helping hands that would support you in areas you cannot handle on your own.

These mistakes are avoidable and even if you’ve already made them, they can be remedied.

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