Quick Life Hacks for Entrepreneurs

June 1, 2022 Olamiposi Osunsami

Starting a business or you’ve been in it for a while now? Here are some life essential hacks that you must know and aptly apply in your business and I assure will help you start and/or grow your business.


1. Knowledge

Knowledge they say is power. In this life, you’re only valuable to the degree of what you know. Your success in any field is all dependent on the range of what you know, business inclusive.

Thus, whether you’re just starting or you’ve been in the business for a while, you need knowledge that is relevant to your area of specialisation. You must know the pros and cons and must get yourself updated every now and then.


2. Networking

A popular adage says, your network determines your net worth. The power of networking cannot be overemphasized. Since you won’t be selling only to your family members, then you must grow your network and thereby find the right audience for your business.

You can’t reach everyone by yourself but when you carefully grow your network, it will work for you.


3. Mentorship

Like the popular saying, there’s nothing new under the sun. Whatever you may want to do now, you can be sure someone has probably done it before or done something related to it.

When you have someone who through his/her wealth of experiences guides and mentors you, you are sure to have a faster growth than those who do not, because by leveraging your mentor’s experience, it makes things easier for you.


4. Time Management

Proper management of time is one thing nobody should joke about, not to talk of businessmen or women. A lot in our lives is dependent on how well we can manage our time. How successful we become is all dependent on how meticulously we use our time.

As a business person, invest tangibly in your time. Have a to do list and make sure you follow through. Don’t mismanage your time for it is the greatest and most valuable currency you have.


5. Consistency

To be a master in life, consistency is key. You can’t be the best in what you do apart from consistently doing it. For instance, Ronaldo and Messi ruled the football world for 12 years. One thing made them stand out, consistency.

They keep doing what they choose to do, practicing, learning, training until football became their surnames. This also is applicable to business. You can’t be called a Business Mogul until you’ve proven over time that you’re truly a businessman/woman.

Consistency is what you keep doing despite several failures, mistakes and downfall until you get to the top; and while on top, you keep doing it.


All these and many more are life hacks that will help you build a successful business.People don’t just become great, it is the application of these hacks that makes men.


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