Quick Tips on Staying Relevant in Busines

June 21, 2022 Edwin Blessing

Sometime in history, owners of large herds and flocks of animals were rich. It was common to associate stables of horses with wealth and power. That era is past now.

The Nigerian economy in the 60s and 70s saw a thrive in novel technologies. NITEL, Postal service and the railway workers were among the elites.

Modern innovations in telecommunications, with the introduction of smartphones has pushed NITEL to the trenches. The narrative isn’t different with railway and the postal workers, those sectors have been pushed behind.

What happened to those once thriving sectors?

The world transitioned. Technology got better and people customarily opted for better options.

Many workers in those sectors lost their jobs and countless enterprises folded up.

Every business owner, employees too should know and understand the dynamics of time and seasons.

An understanding of how and when to transition, where and when to invest and expand keeps you at the top.

Unless you want to wake up one morning to the rude shocks of being smothered out of business, keep your eyes focused on the next big thing and invest smartly.

The economy will always evolve, you should too. Know where and when to put your time and resources.



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